Fixed Term Loan

You can apply for a Fixed Term Loan (6, 9, 12, 18 & 36 months)


Payout will be paid either into your A2Pay wallet or bank account

Repeat Loan

You can apply for a repeat loan if you pay off your current loan, and consistently grow your business.

Operational Expenses

You can use the loan for operational expenses (buying stock, improving cash flow, renovations in your business)

Deducted Daily

The loans are deducted daily off your A2Pay wallet, which means its much smaller installments daily.

Platinum Status

All our loan customers have platinum status. This means you receive priority service and a host of other benefits.

Capital Expenses

You can use the loan for Capital expenses (buying another business. buying business equipment, expansion)

Collected Automatically

Daily payments are collected automatically at the same time each night for consistency and your convenience.

Dedicated Loans Coach

You get a dedicated loans coach who will be in touch with you soon as you are approved far a loan